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I am a qualified yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance Teaching classes online and one to one or one to two from my home studio inin the area around Crowthorne, Wokingham , Finchampstead, Yateley & Bracknell. My style of teaching is Hatha interwoven with, breathwork, mindfulness and some flow.



I am trained in Hatha yoga but through my own experience, additional training and learnings my style of teaching is interwoven with, breathwork, mindfulness and some flow and is ever growing as I continue to explore and research.




My aim for all my students, whatever their ability or experience of yoga, is to gain from it what they need as individuals, whether that be physical strength and flexibility, tranquility and calmness of the mind, an uplifted soul or all three. I have been practicing yoga since 2011, prior to that I was an out and out 'Gym Bunny' - Body Pump, Body Attack, TRX, Treadmill, X-Trainer but to name a few. If you had said to me back then that I would become a yoga teacher I would have laughed at you.. My first yoga experience started with sitting cross legged, eyes closed, focusing on my breath for 15 minutes - those were the  longest 15 minutes of my life - I almost left the room. My body wanted to move and my mind DID NOT want to be quiet! Suffice to say I didn't go back to that class and never thought I'd go to another yoga class again. So what changed my mind? See my blog for the rest of the story.........….


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