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Tropic skincare

Multi award-winning beauty products, freshly made Surrey  UK using sustainably sourced, premium, natural ingredients


Why Tropic Skincare for me?

It wasn’t many years ago when I was just a soap and water kinda girl and spending any sort of reasonable money on skincare was not something I considered doing – that was until a couple of years ago.


I was introduced to another product, which at the time I thought was the ‘bees knees’ for my skin and for about a year I was using this. I was then invited to a Tropic Skincare pamper party by a friend – and after a bit of hesitation decided to go along. I had done my makeup for the evening – but it was me that ended up sitting in the middle of a group of ladies having my make up removed, displaying blemishes and all and I had a few that I had spent quite some time trying to disguise before I left the house that evening. So there I was laid bare ( obviously my face only) and being treated to the Tropic Skincare products for the first time. Wow they smelt divine – well most of them – I have to say the Supergreens does smell like you are smothering your face in every green vegetable you can think of, but I have grown to like the smell and for my skin it’s a must.


So I was won over by the smell of the products and that makes a huge difference I believe to what you put on your skin. But more importantly I was won over by the effect the products had on my skin. My friend who was a Tropic Ambassador loaned my a ‘borrow bag’ for face skincare. This was such a treat as I was able to try the main face products for a period for 5 days which was wonderful. Its was like giving myself a little facial every morning and night. And that might sound like it is a right polava and takes lots of time. It wasn’t. Another important thing for me was as a busy working mum I didn’t have the time to spend hours in the morning pampering myself – it was a bit like the saying for men if you have ever heard it – ‘a quick shit, shower and shave’ was what I needed – well not the shave – although as I age that may change 😊. My morning ritual was taking me no longer than the soap and water wash.


Coupled with the facts that all the products are cruelty free – for Tropic that means that none of the ingredients are tested on animals (not just the final product), the ingredients are natural and they are made in a ‘beauty kitchen’ in the UK. Tropic are also a carbon neutral company and working hard towards making all packaging recyclable.


A year and a half on and I am still using Tropic Skincare. I became an Ambassador in March 2018 and I’m even more proud to say that my eldest daughter (14) is now using the products too. Not because I forced her to but because she had a facial – by another Ambassador – as its not cool to listen to all the good stuff that your mum says and since then she uses them daily.


The other great thing about Tropic is that you have a 30 day money back guarantee on the products. Although the products are natural that doesn’t always mean that they will be right for everyone’s skin – that would be a huge claim to make. So not only can you ask an Ambassador (me) to try the products – where applicable  - if you order something that doesn’t suit your skin or it’s the wrong colour (makeup products) then you can return it to the Ambassador and you will be refunded or get a product swap. Now you can’t do that on the high street.


For those of you who know me I would never try and hard sell you something and I definitely wouldn’t sell something that I don’t believe in. Have I tried all the products? No  Do all the products work for my skin? No but I do personally use an awful lot of them and I will try the Tropic product before I try any other brand.


If you like the sound of the Tropic Skincare range and are interested in seeing or trying the products then get in touch. You can take a look at my shop (insert shop link from above) to see the whole range and you can order from there too.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer any questions that you have.

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