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Frazzle Free Christmas

Life can be busy for us any time of the year, but as we head towards Christmas – whether we celebrate it or not, the pace around us and within us picks up and it can really impact our physical, emotional and energetic health, which doesn’t lend itself to a joyous Noel!

Physically you may find tightness and tension appearing in the shoulders, neck and upper back without even having noticed that you’re spending most of the day with your shoulders hunched, your face frowning and your jaw clenched!

Emotionally & Mentally – perhaps you are juggling buying the Christmas presents not just from you but perhaps on behalf of elderly relatives – doubling, tripling or even quadrupling your effort. You may even be playing host on the big day too. And if you’re a parent to youngsters you may even be making nativity costumes, attending nativity plays, carol services and the list goes on. This is before you’ve started on the day job 😊. Our minds can only handle so much.

Energetically – your body is feeling heavy and lethargic, your energy levels may be rock bottom. The physical and emotional stress is like a clamp around your body that its difficult to fully breathe. Breath is our life force – without it there is no life, so compromised breathing just adds to the load.

As I was writing the above I got this thought of “Oh my god this is real doom and gloom” and I like Christmas (particularly family time and the food ) but, I also resonate with all of the above and it is really hard to bow down to the pressures of the ‘perfect’ 21st Century Christmas that we see in the shops and on TV and hear on the radio - where everyone is all smiley and happy clappy.

So I wanted to share with you a short video that can be done anywhere – seated or standing to help boost your physical, emotional and energetic health during the festive period (and guess what – you don’t need any special equipment – you have it all at your finger tips in your amazing self).

Make sure you take your self-care seriously – set some time aside to pause with Santa Claus 😊

Wishing you a peaceful and calm Christmas and New year.

Ann x

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